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When health and safety issues arise for you or a loved one, turn to MedGlobal. We bring expert care directly to you, in your home, 24/7. Always with sensitivity to the needs of patients and their families.

MedGlobal care is perfect for:

• People of all ages recovering from illness, injury, accidents or surgery
• Homebound individuals requiring skilled nursing care and or therapy services
• Patients under the care of a physician, who certifies and then initiates a plan of care

We help patients live with safety and dignity in their own homes, by providing a range of services including:

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We serve patients and families across greater Dallas.

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Skilled Visiting Nursing

• Individualized physician developed care plan
• Medical Management for all conditions
• Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) management
• Cardio-pulmonary management
• Anti-coagulation therapy (PT/INR)
• Wound and ostomy care
• Diabetic management and instruction
• Bowel and bladder training
• PEG tube feedings

Physical Therapy

• Patient’s care plan and safety at home
• Exercise program development
• Proper use of assistive and prosthetic devices

Home Health Aide


• Assistance with bathing, grooming, personal care and daily living activities

Occupational Therapy

• Coordination, walking, muscle dysfunction, perpetual 
motor abilities
• Patient’s safety/fall prevention at home, body mechanics and energy conservation
• Sensory impairments
• Muscle re-education exercises

Speech Therapy

• Verbal expression, auditory comprehension and speech
• Swallowing techniques
• Reading and visual exercises

Medical Social Work

• Provided by on-staff social workers
• Address patient’s needs
• Family counseling
• Assessment of patient’s financial situation and guidance to community resources

To arrange services for yourself, a family member or friend, please contact us.