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What exactly is home health care?

Home health care is a range of services that provide patients with the assistance they need in the comfort and familiarity of their own homes. It includes Skilled Visiting Nursing, Physical Therapy, Home Health Aides, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Medical Social Work.

These services can be short-term, long-term or on-going, and many used to be available only in hospitals, including dialysis and wound care. The result is more convenient and more cost-effective care. From skilled nursing to assistance with daily activities, services come from a staff that is specially trained, experienced and able to navigate sensitive issues and family dynamics.

Who is home health care appropriate for?

Home health care is for people of all ages recovering from illness, injury, accidents or surgery.

It is also for homebound individuals who require skilled nursing care and/or therapy services.

It’s for patients who are under the care of a physician, who certifies and then initiates a plan of care.

How does a patient get home health care?

The doctor prescribes home health care. To get an evaluation and answers to your questions, please contact MedGlobal Home Health Care.

Who pays for home health care?

Medicare covers 100% of home health services without coinsurance or deductible when certain homebound criteria are met. Coverage applies to skilled nursing, physical and/or speech therapy, occupational therapy, medical social work and home health aide services provided at home. Certain supplies and equipment are also covered. We know this is an important issue — we will gladly discuss your particular situation and explain more about Medicare requirements and coverage. Just contact us to begin.

Almost all private insurers cover home health care under the major medical portion of the policy. Some work with a “preferred provider” – a particular home health care agency members must use in order for services to be covered. Contact your managed care organization to see if they have a preferred provider. If not, you may be able to choose any home care provider you prefer. However, there may be limits such as a set number of visits, hours or dollar amount that will be covered.

What are the benefits of home health care?

The patient gets compassionate, expert care in the comfort and privacy of home. The stress and anxiety of continued hospitalization are avoided, and the transition from hospital to home is smoother and simpler.

The cost is significantly lower than receiving care in the hospital. Additionally, many patients develop a warm relationship with their home care nurse or caregiver, helping them work as a team with a high level of trust and compliance.

What makes Med Global Home Health Care the best choice?

We put patients first. At MedGlobal, compassionate care is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our individualized approach means we collaborate with patients and their families as well as their physicians, to develop a care plan that works for everyone and meets Medicare guidelines. You can rely on our highly qualified, experienced staff to provide expert care with sensitivity to patients as well as to family dynamics.

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